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Snake Galaxy Online

Embark on an extraordinary journey alongside the Snake Galaxy, who leads a peaceful life on his home planet until fate intervenes. A fallen star seeking urgent help reveals the terrifying existence of Octavious, a merciless cosmic octopus monster wreaking havoc on galaxies for mere amusement. With Octavious closing in on the Snake Galaxy's planet, players must harness their courage and guide the Snake Galaxy through a perilous quest filled with challenges, obstacles, and formidable enemies. In this captivating adventure game, players will experience the thrills of interstellar exploration, as they join forces with the Snake Galaxy to combat Octavious’ malevolent reign. Travel through diverse galaxies, overcome heart-pounding challenges, and confront relentless adversaries to restore peace to the scattered star communities. Will you rise to the occasion, protect the universe, and become the hero that unites the stars? Prepare for an unforgettable odyssey filled with action, bravery, and the triumph of hope against all odds. Unite the Stars, Conquer the Cosmos!

The game features various power-ups strategically placed throughout the levels to aid players in achieving their goals and overcoming challenges.

The game offers a diverse selection of power-ups and enticing cosmetics in its in-game store, providing players with the opportunity to enhance their abilities, elevate their gameplay, and personalize their characters with style.

Objectives and Progression: The player's primary objective is to control the character's direction to avoid obstacles and collect items in a specific amount of time. The game offers 2 tutorial planets, 27 full game planets, 1 final battle planet and 1 bonus level created in retro wave style. The "Retro Planet" will only become accessible to players who have collected all the necessary items, obtained all the stars, and emerged victorious in the battle against Octavious, the octopus cosmic monster. Snake Galaxy Online offers a total of 31 Planets to play, presented in systems and galaxies.

Platform and Availability: The game will be available initially on the iOS and Android app stores, with an exclusive Steam and Amazon App Store versions planned for release alongside the multiplayer update.

Available on IOS and Android.